Breath at Work

Invest in the health of your teams through the unique power of breathwork practices at work.

Studies show that stress & anxiety interfere with our ability to do our best work. They also show that with the right breathing exercises, leaders and their teams can effectively learn how to handle stress, manage emotions and maximise performance.(*)

(*) Harvard Business Review / Research: Why Breathing Is So Effective at Reducing Stress.

Why Breath at Work?

To run successful businesses, we need energy and focus. The latest studies show that most adults are only getting 25% of the air capacity that is essential to fuel their minds and bodies. This leads to low immune systems and a lack of energy, grounding and focus. By incorporating breathwork practices into your Business as Usual (BAU) activities, leaders and their teams will learn new breathing patterns to have more energy, become more resilient, and feel happier and connected between themselves and their clients.

"If I had to limit my advice on healthier living to just one tip, it would be simply to learn how to breathe correctly."
- Dr. Andrew Weil

More than half of Britain's days that were lost to sickness in 2019/20 were due to stress, depression and anxiety. This rate has also significantly increased in 2020 across the world. (*)

(*) Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and Labour Force Survey (LFS).

Why invest in Breath at Work

It is paramount right now

Our immune system, our levels of resilience and our focus increases when we learn how to breathe well.

It is transformative

When we exhale, we release toxins. When we inhale we increase the levels of oxygen in our bodies which has been proven to have beneficial effects even against developing cancer cells.

It is surprisingly simple

Breathing exercises need no special equipment and can be used to increase levels of energy and focus while reducing daily stress and anxiety.

It is our source of energy

Breathing is our main source of energy. Not food or sleep. With the right breathing techniques, we can regulate our nervous system, optimise the nutrients we absorb and improve our sleep.

It connects us

Breathing is the key connector between our mental and physical health. It brings us balance and opens our minds to stay positively connected with ourselves, our lives and our business purposes.

It is our birth-right

Most of us were born perfect breathers. But as we grow this changes due to stress and other life factors. We need to claim our birth-right and relearn this sacred life form.

What we Offer

At BreatheNow Hub we offer tailored programmes to suit the needs of business leaders and their teams.

Programmes range from weekly breathwork sessions to one-to-one sessions. The ultimate goal is to provide a consistent source of inspiration while enabling individuals to utilise the power of their breath to achieve extraordinary results.

All Breath at Work programmes start with an introductory workshop and a set-up fee.

Exact programme details and pricings are confirmed through a free consultation with our BreatheNow Hub team, but by way of example retainer packages include:

Foundation Package

  • Weekly, 30 mins group breathwork sessions
  • A total of 2 hours of the best practical breathwork sessions a month

Access to a tailor-made library of breathwork content exclusively created for your company. This online library will contain all pre-recorded sessions held with your company to access and practice later.

Monthly Prices start at
For a group of up to 20 people

Pro Package

  • Everything in our Foundations Package, PLUS
  • A monthly 1 hour workshop to go deeper into key topics

Everything in Foundations plus 2 one-to-one sessions for your team (1st come first serve basis).

Monthly Prices start at
For a group of up to 20 people

How it Works

Whether you are a small, medium or multinational organisation, we are equipped to provide Breath at Work packages that can easily be adopted by your teams and tailored to your specific needs.

Contact Us
Get in touch with our team to discuss our Breath at Work packages.

Following our initial contact, we will present tailored options to evaluate and decide upon.

We will support the promotion of your wellbeing initiative within your company and maximise its success.

Our Manifesto

The BreatheNow Hub Manifesto


Power of the breath.

We exist to harness the power of the breath and to help organisations be resilient, grow and thrive.


Change the world.

We believe that leaders and organisations embracing breathwork will change the world for the better.


Feel better. Work better.

We are on a mission to help organisations and their people breathe better, feel better and work better.


Begin your Journey.

We are on a journey to incorporate breathwork practices at work and in everyday lives.

Our Story

The BreatheNow Hub Story

BreatheNow Hub was founded by Liliana Ashton after experiencing first-hand the pressures of working in corporate positions. During her work as a digital transformation consultant for top level organisations including Google, Shell, Michelin and The Guardian Media Group, Liliana understood the importance of wellbeing both mentally and physically.

Over the last 10 years, alongside working as a business consultant, Liliana has nurtured her daily yoga practice and used all her free time to train as a qualified Yoga and Breathwork instructor. She has gained several certifications including teacher training in Hatha, Yin and Hormonal yoga. She is also a certified Reiki Practitioner.

At BreatheNow Hub we believe that the foundation of wellbeing is knowing how to breathe well. And, we also believe that for businesses to thrive they need to look after the wellbeing of their most valuable assets: their employees.

“Learning to breathe correctly and practice breathwork is every person’s secret to succeed in business and in life.”
- Liliana Ashton

Our Values

  • We stand for mental and physical wellbeing
  • We believe that wellbeing is the foundation of every single person’s happiness
  • We believe that breathwork is the foundation of wellbeing

Hub Team

Our People

We are an international hub of talented breathwork practitioners offering unique membership models accessible to profit and non-profit organisations.

We specialise in creating alignment between practitioners and organisations, and design tailor-made breathwork programmes.

Through our breathwork sessions and workshops, we optimise the overall wellbeing of leaders and their teams which, in turn, optimises performance in the workplace.

Our programmes aim to be ubiquitous and become a natural part of your Business as Usual (BAU) organisational ethos.

Our breathwork practitioners are the heartbeat of BreatheNow Hub. We've assembled a group of hugely talented individuals who hold a collective desire to leave a positive imprint on our world.

Please meet our BreatheNow Hub Practitioners:

Johanna Lehmann

Johanna Lehmann

A certified yoga teacher (300-hour Yoga Alliance), breath coach and author. She has been teaching privately and group lessons in the USA, Singapore, Germany and the Netherlands since 2013. She completed her training as a Hatha yoga teacher with the renowned American teacher Marianne Wells, and her training as a pre-, postnatal and birth yoga teacher with yoga expert Michelle Papa in Singapore.

She learned breathing training from yoga guru and world record holder Wim Hof, internationally known as “Iceman”, SOMA founder Niraj Naik and breathing trainer Michaël Bijker.

As a book author, mother of 2 young children and a Reiki trainer, she has combined yoga & breathwork with her experience in storytelling and visualization so that you can benefit from breathing techniques on a deeper level.

In her sessions, she combines various breathing techniques with visualization stories, hypnotic elements and binaural music. You can find out more about Johanna at or on IG.

Briony Gunson

Briony Gunson

Briony Gunson is a highly sought-after mindset coach, meditation teacher and breathwork facilitator. An award-winning digital marketer in a previous life, Briony blends mindset coaching with wellbeing tools she’s been teaching and practicing since 2014. She also empowers people to develop their own wellbeing toolkit, cutting through the noise and fluff to hone in on techniques that work and create real-world change.

Her clients include AB InBev, NHS, WeWork, The Access Group, Bloom & Wild, BrightonSEO and among others. Briony also mentors students in a 7-month breathwork training qualification, working alongside some of the world’s leading experts in integrative breathwork.

Explore her work at

Tracy Jane Pickston

Tracy Jane Pickston

A Breathwork Facilitator who has trained with Alchemy of Breath’s Steph Magenta and Dr Rae Riedal both of Integrative Breath.

After surviving Trauma, Tracy found how Breathwork provided an inspiring tool for personal growth, healing and transformation.

Tracy has a range of invaluable experience acquired over the last 25 years and uses these to add to her Breathwork sessions for BreatheNow Hub. These include Energy Alignment Method, Positive Psychology, EMDR, Pesso Boyden, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT),

Yoga, Meditation, Tibetan Rites, Mindfulness, Chakra Healing, Kundalini, Functional breathing, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Qi Gong, Chanting Practices and Nutrition.

Imani Chimo

Imani Chimo

Raised practicing meditation from a very early age, with roots in sufism and kemetic teachings, Imani has taught meditation, breathwork, visualisation, the art of 'oneness and being' for several years. Using crystal sound bowls, musical frequencies and then power of pace and breath as a musical instrument, Imani creates internal and external immersive environments where healing, transcendence and infinite potential are met face to face.

Living with the indigenous people of Belize for 3 months, Imani learnt the power of 'Holding Space' - holding circles that provide safe places for women to come together in a safe place to share, learn and grow together.

She is fascinated by the chakras and their energy, which has instigated the development of an app to be released later this year. The app is called Being and will combine all the elements of meditation, along with fitness, yoga and psychology.

Imani has been delivering breathwork and meditation sessions in a corporate environment since 2020 partnering with music professionals to create unique sessions. Please see samples of Imnani’s work in her YouTube Channel.


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